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Best Turtle Food November 4, 2016

Feeding turtles might be a little bit expensive than other pets since they are exotic animals. Turtles require healthy and balanced diet food. Turtle food may include insects and vegetables. It is important to know that turtles are cold blooded just like the rest of reptiles. Before feeding your turtle, it is important to identify the species to which it belongs. Feeding a turtle might be somehow tricky but as soon as you identify the species, you will get used, and I bet you will be able to feed your turtle with necessary meals.

If you have a carnivorous turtle, below are the foods

  • Greens: carnivorous turtles love leafy green parts of aquatic plants, turnip greens, watercress, carrot tops, green leaf lettuce, grape leaves and fig leaves among others.
  • Vegetables such as peas, squash, sliced carrots, okra, corn, wax and sweet potatoes. These would be a great combination, and your turtle will grow healthy
  • Fruits: fruits such as grapes, figs, tomatoes, cantaloupe, apple, banana, mango, kiwi fruits, citrus fruits, etc.

Terrestrial and aquatic turtles have same feeding patterns. Although aquatic turtles often prefer meat and food stuff such as silkworms, snails, crickets, slugs, shrimps, cooked chicken, dead mice, boiled eggs, cat/dog food, cooked fish, etc.

Identifying and knowing the type of turtle you have is the first step to identifying the types of food you need to feed your turtle. Turtles are unique and great pets. They are not common pets like cats and dogs. They are a sign of uniqueness.

It is good to know that there are types of food that turtles are not allowed to eat.

Preservatives and salts should not be included in turtle’s food. It is good to avoid such foods. Their effects are not yet established, but it is good not to feed your turtle with such food.

Do not feed your turtle with chocolate, candy, processed foods, bread or any other refined flour and sugar products. Never give your turtle toxic plants. For your turtle to be healthy to need to be very choosy and specific on the type of food and diet you are feeding your turtle. Many people who own turtle are ignorant on their diet. They feed their turtle with ordinary home foods that isn’t recommended. Doing research on turtles will equip you with enough info about turtles, behaviors, diets among others.

Always treat your pet with a lot of love. It’s your pet and there is nothing good you can do to a pet than feeding it with the right diet. Your pets health is paramount and should be given the very first priority. Turtle pets attract a lot of people, but the problem is that not many people are willing to feed it. It is easy to feed your turtle. You just have to identify the species and the right food for that specific turtle. Pay attention to your turtle always, and people will come to salute you and love your pet as well. Giving the right types of food is the first step to making your pet happy.

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